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Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha warns of the risk of civil war

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Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha warns of the risk of civil war | Samui Times
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Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has warned that the country is risking civil war with the ongoing political rift and caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul have turned to the United Nations for possible help with the impasse in Thailand. Meanwhile Yingluck told reporters in Chaing Ria yesterday that the government wishes to reach a verbal agreement with the anti-government protestors and avoid any kind of violent end to the protests.

Last night two grenades were fired at a police-owned compound in the Vibavadi Road where the Center for Maintaining Peace and order is location. A third grenade was fired at the compound next to the Thai PBS TV station.

child killed in protestsPro-government red-shirt groups in the north and northeast have vowed to move against the PDRC. Some want the country to be partitioned, with the current government running its strongholds in the north and northeast – with Chiang Mai or Khon Kaen as its capital – while Bangkok and the South would be given to the elite establishment, opposition Democrat Party and PDRC.

Security officials said people on the different sides of the dispute have very different political ideas, making it difficult to achieve a compromise, and are likely to take up weapons against each other.

Meanwhile the RTA infantry have been unlading sandbags for temporary bunkers at the intersection of Soi Lang Suan and Soi Sarasin near Lumpini Park.

Suthep read a statement from the back of a six-wheel truck parked outside the police headquarters, saying police had initially used harsh tactics against the protesters but later changed their methods to comply with the Civil Court’s order. Suthep then apologised for his verbal attacks against police.

He could not meet with Adul himself because the PDRC leader has an arrest warrant hanging over his head. The PDRC was thus represented by Chaiwuti Bannawat, Sakoltee Phatthiyakul, Taya Teepsuwan and Chitpas Kridakorn. Adul promised that police would do their best to investigate cases of political violence.

He also asked the four representatives to tell the PDRC to allow police to inspect the scenes at rally sites when violence occurs. He said police were always blocked by security guards from entering the rally sites.

And yesterday relatives of the Natchaya Rosungner, the five year old girl who died in the protests collected her body from Rayong Hospital. Natchaya was the second fatality from the attack against the anti-government rally in Trat’s Khao Saming district on Saturday night. The first victim, also a 5-year-old girl, was pronounced dead on Sunday. Apart from the two girls, 33 other people were injured in the attack.

Natchaya’s aunt Nareumon Rosungnern, on behalf of the family, was presented with Bt11,370 in cash donations from Rayong’s Southerners’ Club and Mae Daeng Market.

Nareumon said the girl’s parents Chankham Somsati and Anek Rosungnern were in deep grief and couldn’t go to the hospital. She urged police to speedily arrest the assailants. Nareumon said funeral rites would be held at Wat Boploy in Bo Rai district for five days before cremation.

Natchaya’s grandmother Uthai Posayabutr, 65, said she and Natchaya attended the rally and stopped by a noodle shop on the way home when the attack took place.

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