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Arrested after fleeing the scene: Revered monk’s croc back where he belongs

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Arrested after fleeing the scene: Revered monk’s croc back where he belongs | Samui Times
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A crocodile that was a favorite of revered monk Luang Phor Koon Parisuttho has been captured after it bit a man out fishing. 

But the croc – know affectionately as “Ai Kut” – has been forgiven. 

And he has been allowed back to the temple where Luang Phor Koon was a monk. 

Following the cremation of Luang Phor Koon in Khon Kaen last month came news that a villager near his temple of Wat Ban Rai in Korat had been attacked by a crocodile. 

Arrested after fleeing the scene: Revered monk's croc back where he belongs | News by Samui Times

The culprit was Ai Kut who had escaped the temple when a commemorative building was being constructed in a large pond.

Fourteen crocs were meant to have been rounded up and taken to the Nakorn Ratchasima zoo but several including Ay Kut escaped. 

Bunrort Phaengnate, 35, said he was fishing with a net on Saturday in a pond near the temple when he thinks he may have inadvertently stepped on the croc who got ensnared in his net.

The spooked croc – who is blind in one eye – lash out giving the unfortunate Bunrort some nasty lacerations and cuts to his arms and legs. 

But he didn’t hold it against the croc. 

A posse was organised that was headed by Jan Janpheng a grandson of the deceased monk who was familiar with the habits of Ai Kut. 

Sanook said that Jan was praised for his considerable skill in capturing the errant croc. 

Ai Kut has been deemed by all concerned to be a threat to no one – and is now back at the temple while the construction work proceeds. 


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