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As the world’s largest continent, Asia comprises 50 independent countries, which occupy the eastern part of the Eurasian territory. Surrounded by the North Arctic Ocean, the East Pacific Ocean and the South Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal is isolated from Africa. Asia is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, and the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Ural River and the Ural Mountains are further afield. This border crosses Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, so these countries are on both continents.


Geographically, Armenia and Cyprus are in Asia, but politically and culturally, they are also regarded as part of Europe.


The largest Asian country by region is Russia, which covers approximately 30 percent of the continent ‘s total territory. The Maldives are the smallest of the independent states. It is an island archipelago famous for its resorts on the beach.


China as a major cultural center is the most visited country for tourists in the world and is accompanied by no less popular destinations such as India, Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey.


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