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Attention – lovers of Cheese Burgers

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Attention – lovers of Cheese Burgers | Samui Times
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The Samui Times team loves getting out and about around the island and trying new places. One place that has been on our list for a while is Cheeseburger Cheeseburger that can be found under the archway at the entrance to the Fisherman’s Village in Bophut.

cheesburger 2As you would imagine by the name, the menu is predominantly focused on cheese burgers, but these are no ordinary cheese burgers they are made from Australian Grade beef that is imported chilled, not frozen, trimmed and ground in-house daily, and right in front of the diners!

The cheese burgers at this unique venue are made the American New York / Philadelphia style with Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise and Heinz Ketchup. To ensure that they are as healthy as can be, hydroponically grown organic lettuce, organic tomatoes from Chaing Mai are used. Real imported Wisconsin cheddar cheese is another key ingredient, the others well, simply a buttered toasted bud with just a smidgen of diced and sautéed onions.

The brainchild behind this unique burger bar is Scott Weinmann from Williamsburg Brooklyn who brings a New York City perspective to Koh Samui. Scott’s attitude towards burgers is “Give me a juicy burger made from quality Australian beef, two slices of Wisconsin Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and a little Heinz ketchup, a little Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise and some salt and pepper” that is what he got used to growing up and that is what he is providing here. His passion for a really decent burger comes from his past. Scott is a third generation Austrian Hungarian restaurateur proceeded by his father and grandfather before him. He has fond memories of sitting at his grandfathers counter in Pennsylvania as a boy, eagerly awaiting his cheeseburger while enjoying a delicious milkshake rather like the ones that he serves here.

cheesburger 1So what is on the menu? Well…… a cheeseburger obviously, a double cheeseburger (pretty obvious as well) a Hold The Cheese burger, which is basically a cheeseburger without the cheese, or you can have a No Burger which is a cheeseburger with no burger. There is a jumbo cheeseburger and a double jumbo cheeseburger that comes as is or with no cheese, or you can have a double no burger which by now should speak for itself. You can have a side of fries and indulge in a vanilla, chocolate ice cream or black and white milkshake, tuck in to some ice creams drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and quench your thirst with Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta or just stick to water.

The décor at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger is pretty cool with its red, white and black theme. The floor is black and white checks, the windows are read and probably unintentionally looks like the red phone boxes of London, the walls sparkle white and the stainless steel counters and tables give it a really bright and trendy feeling. It is also immaculately clean. There is a terrace outside where you can indulge in a spot of people watching and some large flat screen TV’s inside where you can watch the owners favorite cheeseburger sketch among other things.

Our verdict? Pretty damn good! one of the best cheeseburgers we ever tasted, ultra delicious milkshakes and really great fries, so as long as you like cheeseburgers it’s hard to imagine anybody leaving unimpressed.

Cheeseburger cheeseburger is open Tuesday – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 12 noon till 10pm and Fridays 12 noon till 11pm, Mondays closed.

Click here for the Cheesebuger Cheeseburger Facebook page and here for their website



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