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Aussie father and son electrocuted to death in Rayong

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Aussie father and son electrocuted to death in Rayong | Samui Times
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A 66-year-old Australian man and his 10-year-old son were electrocuted while trying to fix a water pump at a small swimming pool inside their home in a housing estate in Muang district of Rayong province.

Aussie father and son electrocuted to death in Rayong | News by Samui TimesThe father was identified as Mr Andrew Fenwick, and his son Jason Krailop Fenwick born by his Thai wife Somrudi Krailob Fenwick, 41.

According to Pol Capt Kaweewuth Boonruang, deputy investigation inspector at Rayong Muang police station, the 8×6×1.5 metre swimming pool is on the front part of the single home while the water pump is inside a storage room near the front gate.

The bodies of the father and son were found near the pump. The father lied dead at the pump with his right hand still holding a wrench while his son lying dead with his left hand clinging to the iron gate.

The son had traces of burns on the left hand, body and face.

Primary examination showed the two had been dead for three hours before police arrived.

The father went to fix the water pump but was electrically shocked. His son Jason rushed to help him and was also shocked by the current leak on the wet floor, police said.

Rescue workers from the Sawang Ponkusol charity foundation has cut off power supply at the home before forensic police would remove their bodies out for forensic autopsy.

Tearful wife Somrudi told police that she was not in the house but was called on the phone by a neighbour that her husband and son were electrocuted near the swimming pool. She then rushed back to home.

A guard at the housing estate, Komin Jittiworaphan, 51, said as he biked past the home he saw a boy, identified later as 4-year-old boy Justin, Jason’s younger brother, running out of the home, crying and telling him his father was dead.

He then immediately alerted the police.

The police officer said after primary questioning the Thai wife that her husband used to be an engineer working in the UK. After he retired, he moved to Thailand and married her and had two sons.

The bodies of the father and son were sent to the Institute of Forensic Science to find the exact cause of death.

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