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Australian couple cliam drugs were planted in their luggage in Thailand

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Australian couple cliam drugs were planted in their luggage in Thailand | Samui Times
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An Australian couple, on holiday in Thailand, claim they were about to become victims of a drugs scam when they discovered their baggage had been tampered with prior to boarding a plane from Bangkok to Phuket.

A woman, wishing only to be known as Georgia, told a popular Melbourne radio station DJ that her and her partner where just about to check their luggage in for their flight when they noticed that their luggage had been tampered with and the locks they had put on were missing.

The contacted the Australian Embassy who advised the couple not to check in their luggage or board the flight and to dump their luggage. The couple then left the airport and checked into a hotel nearby where on inspection of their luggage they found marijuana hidden inside one o the pockets. The couple told DJ Neil Mitchell that they believe the drugs were planted in their bags at the Bangkok hotel where they had been staying. One theory was that they would have been intercepted by fake airport security and police at the other end.

The couple then disposed of the drugs, cleaned their clothes and replaced their damaged luggage and called the radio station from Thailand to tell their story. DJ Mitchell said that 3AW had the woman’s full name and described the incident as “really scary stuff”.

However some reports suggest that the couple were in fact traveling from Phuket to Bangkok, not the other way around and none of the reports mention the Australian Embassy informing the Bangkok police of the incident.

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