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Australian and his son dead in a fire suspected to be arson

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Australian and his son dead in a fire suspected to be arson | Samui Times
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Richard Port, an Australian real estate agent and his seventeen year old stepson have been killed in a house fire. The police suspect that the fire, that blocked all of the exits stopping the victims from escaping, was started deliberately.

Krabi Town Police Deputy Superintendent Noppadol Mukda said that he and his team could hear a woman screaming for help through the front window of the blazing house in Ao Nang. When fire fighters arrived on the scene they immediately recued Mr. Port’s wife by removing the bars from the window. The lady suffered serious burns to sixty percent of her body and had to be rushed to Krabi hospital for treatment.

fire Ao NangIt took firefighters about 20 minutes to control the blaze at the Watchara Home housing estate. “We went inside to inspect the house and found the burnt body of Mr. Port face down by the bed,” said Lt Col Noppadol. “The body of Mrs Naruthai’s 17-year-old son, Worraphat Sukkaew, was found lying face down in the kitchen.”

Being the house the police discovered a 16k cooking gas cylinder that had its valve open and the rubber tube had been cut to allow for a free flow of gas. Two motorbikes were also found with their seats up and the gasoline lids removed along with towels soaked with fuel dangling out of the tanks.

“We were able to move the two bikes away from the house before they caught fire and exploded,” Col Noppadol said. “It’s very lucky that the motorbikes didn’t blow up.” Based on that evidence, police believe that the killings were part of an arson attack.

One of Mr Port’s neighbors, Boonsir Ubon, 62, told police that she had received a call sometime after 2am from Mrs Naruthai asking for help. “I immediately called police for her,” Mrs Boonsir said. Mrs Boonsir also confirmed to police that the couple had been involved in Ao Nang real estate. The police are waiting for Mrs Naruthai, who is in stable condition, to recover from her injuries before questioning her about the incident.


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