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Aviation issues instruction for child angel carrying on planes

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Aviation issues instruction for child angel carrying on planes | Samui Times
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The Civil Aviation Department ( CAD) says “child angel” is considered baggage, not passenger, therefore it should not be allowed to be seated as passenger but as baggage.

dolls and aviationThe instruction came after Thai Smiles Airways announced to offer extra seats for the child angels if their “parents” are willing to buy them tickets.

CAD director-general Chula Sukmanop said after inviting all airline representatives to a meeting to discuss the current child angel fever which has spread to Thai air passengers who took them on board as if they were human beings.

The meeting was aimed at discussing the aviation safety regarding the seating of these child angels when some passengers put their child angels on their laps while on board.

Mr Chula said initially an announcement will be made to state clearly the status of the child angel that it is a baggage and not passenger.

Therefore child angel are not allowed to be seated same as passengers as the international aviation safety standard rule states that passenger must be human being, he said.

But he said extra seats can be sold to passengers bringing their child angels but airlines are not allowed to put identity code of the dolls in the ticket but only name of the passengers who buy the ticket for the dolls.

They are allowed only to be put on the extra seats as baggage and not passenger, he said.

For passengers who do not buy extra seats for their dolls, they still are allowed to carry them on board as carry-on baggage, but must put them in overhead baggage chamber or under the seats, he said.

Violation of the aviation safety rule is subject to one year imprisonment or a fine of 40,000 baht or both.

He said all the child angel dolls also have to pass through X-ray scanning, adding that putting any plant grains in the dolls for prosperity and good luck could risk facing quarantine from some countries in Europe.

Earlier yesterday transport minister Arkom Termpitayapaisit ordered the Airport of Thailand and the Civil Aviation Department authorities to work out guidelines for passengers to practice in carrying their child angel dolls on board with them.

Initially he said that child angel doll must be regarded a carry-on baggage and passengers buying seats for their dolls must declare their names as carrier of the dolls.

In case of plane take-off or landing, child angel dolls must be put inside the overhead compartment or under the seat.

No doll is allowed to be seated close to the emergency exit under the safety standard rule.

He said such practice could spark conflict between passengers and flight attendants, and this has to be discussed at a meeting today.

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