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Avoid raw pork, says pig breeder as woman dies suddenly in Korat

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Avoid raw pork, says pig breeder as woman dies suddenly in Korat | Samui Times
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A Korat pig breeder has warned people to avoid eating raw pork after a woman died suddenly.

Lamyong Saengkaew, 51, died within ten days after eating raw meat from a whole pig bought from a delivery van in the Dan Khun Thot area of Nakhon Ratchasima, reports Thairath.

dont eat raw porkShe had consumed dishes such as laab and koi that are often prepared with chopped raw meat and eaten with green vegetables, popular especially in the north east of Thailand.

Kittisuk Bunphat, a local pig breeder, said that the quick death of the villager was likely caused by the ‘streptococci suis’ bacteria that affect brain cells.

“This can be a very fast killer,” he said “So I would advise people to always cook pig meat as it is present in some animals.”

Sawoey Mawichai, 60, speaking to reporters at the funeral of her younger sister said that she had bought a 6,000 baht whole pig carcass from a delivery van two days before the start of Songkran. She had sold the legs to relatives but kept the rest to make various dishes for the New Year festival.

By last Saturday she had come down with a fever and was taken to hospital where she died yesterday morning.

Her son Saeksan Saenkaew, 25, (the ladyboy in the picture in front of the coffin) who has studied in the field of public health,said doctors at the hospital in Korat said his mother had died from bacteria that ultimately led to kidney failure. He said that not everyone who ate the meat would be infected as the bacteria was likely only to be present in certain parts.

However, it emerged that two others with symptoms in the village are being monitored.

Thai Visa / Thairath

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