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Avoiding the sun could pose a health risk to women

Samui Times Editor



Avoiding the sun could pose a health risk to women | Samui Times
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Lecturer at Chualongkorn University faculty of sport science Thanomwong Kritpet said a study of twenty five to forty year old women showed that their blood contained only 20 nanogrammes per milliliter of vitamin D, a number that is less than the minimum health standard of 30. He believes that this has been caused by many Thai women’s obsession with avoiding the sun to ensure a white complexion as well as the overuse of sun block cream that not only prevents their skin from becoming darker but deprives them of vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium in the intestines and in the blood and helps slow the release of parathyroid hormone which leaches calcium from the bone. These women, he says, will face a higher risk of bone-related diseases such as brittle bone and osteoporosis when they get older. To combat this he suggests that women expose themselves to the sun in the morning and in the evening when the rays are not strong, he went on to say they can also build up their vitamin D by exercising in shaded areas outdoors, rather than in direct sunlight.

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