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Bad guys out! Japanese clamping down on Thais abusing visa privileges

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Bad guys out! Japanese clamping down on Thais abusing visa privileges | Samui Times
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Immigration authorities in Japan are giving the Thais a taste of their own “Bad guys out!” medicine.

japanSince the start of free visas for the country Thais have been abusing the privilege by going to work in the country under the guise of being tourists, reports Sanook.

Out of 62,000 over-stayers in the country since January almost 6,000 were Thai making them the number three on the offenders’ list.

Now anyone arriving in the country with a new passport is being interrogated – and that may even be first time visitors.

The news comes after a man called Natthapong Chaiwanitphon, a well known travel writer married to a Japanese who has made frequent visits to the country, was hauled off for questioning at Tokyo’s Narita airport.

Natthapong posted on his Facebook page that he was returning to the country, where he lives and works legally, with a new Thai passport.

He said that when he was taken to the interrogation room he spoke Japanese.

He had his old passport with him and the officer apologized to him but intimated that there was a directive out to stop Thais with new passports coming into the country and question them.

Natthapong warned people making first visits on new passports or those going back on new passports what to expect in future. reported that Thais abusing the tourist visa privilege to work or live illegally in Japan were making life difficult for bonafide tourists.

Sanook also said that similar things were happening in South Korea.

Source: Sanook

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