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Banana IT Samui sell 70 year old British woman a duff phone then refuse to replace it

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Banana IT Samui sell 70 year old British woman a duff phone then refuse to replace it | Samui Times
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Banana IT in Koh Samui have ruined the holiday of a 70 year old British woman who was on the island to celebrate her milestone Birthday with her daughter.

banana it 2During her stay the Mrs Connell decided to buy a new phone, as hers had broken, and went to Banana IT to purchase a 28,875 baht 64Gb Rose Gold iPhone. However the pensioners delight at her new purchase turned to disappointment when it turned out the phone did not work, but thinking Banana IT (Comseven, a publically listed company) was a reputable company she and her daughter assumed they could return the phone to the shop and get a replacement or refund. However when they arrived at Banana IT they told by a very rude assistant that the faulty phone could be neither be refunded or replaced and tried to force the now very upset mother to sign a disclaimer. Disgusted with the service and upset to have invested in a worthless phone Mrs Connell and her daughter approached the tourist police for advice. The tourist police suggested that the matter be dealt with by the Samui Provincial Tourist Court before laughing and joking with the shop assistant, who had laughed in Mrs Connells face, before giving the shop assistant a ride home.

Mrs Connell has been left shaken and upset by her experience with Banana IT. “I came to the island of Koh Samui to enjoy my 70th Birthday with my daughter” she told the Samui Times, “all I wanted to do was buy a new phone for my banana IT 5trip”. “I was having a wonderful time but now I feel completely violated and having to go to the police over a matter that should have been easily dealt with ‘in store’ was very upsetting, and now I am facing a court case, it’s completely ruined my impressions of Koh Samui.”

The phone, that was purchased less than 48 hours ago, should have been replaced under the 7 days returns policy that Banana IT are blatantly disregarding. “I can’t believe this has happened” said Mrs Connells daughter, “my Mum came here for her 70th birthday, not to take abuse from nasty shop assistants or be forced to spend time with the tourist police” She continued “having to face a court case over a phone that should simply have been refunded or replaced is ridiculous, now she is £500 out of pocket and has had a really upsetting experience, I am so cross, it really is a disgrace”.

The Samui Times tried to contact Banana IT but could not reach them by phone, it seems their phones are either also malfunctioning or maybe their customers service by phone is almost as bad as their over the counter skills!

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