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Bangkok Airways opens a new route

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Bangkok Airways opens a new route | Samui Times
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Bangkok Airways has opened a new route from Bangkok to udon Thani to cope with the increasing numbers of tourist during the cold season. The deputy director of Bangkok Airways said that an increasing number of tourists are travelling to udon Thani and more are expected as the temperature continues to drop. The airline has also revealed that there has been a significant increase in flight frequency from foreign countries, especially from Laos. Bangkok Airways said that the new rout would help to bring prosperity and wealth to Udon Thani and the locals, adding that the province is an economic hub in the northeast region. Udon Thani is also rich in history and culture.

Udon Thani is approximately 560 kilometers from Bangkok and is the capital of the province Udon Thani. The town has a population of about 1.550,400 with 400,000 living in the city alone.

Udon ThaniThailand’s premier Bronze Age excavation at Ban Chiang, a world renowned archaeological site is only 47km east of Udon Thani. Although the city has few attractions for visitors there are some points of interest such as Wat Pa Baan That, which for many years was home for the Forest Meditation monk Luangta Maha Bua, who was known for his philanthropic endeavors such as accumulating gold and giving it to the National Treasury to benefit Thailand’s citizens during the economic crisis in the late 1990’s, it is rumored that USD $550 million was collected during his tenure.

The city was a bustling support center during the Vietnam war for the nearby Udon Royal Thai Air Force Bases and the city still has reminders of that time, with hotels, coffee shops and bars. 46,700 Vietnamese war refugees migrated to Udon Thani in the mid 1900’s and today it has the largest Vietnamese community in Thailand.

The town has three Tesco Lotus, two Big C and a Makro as well as two large shopping malls, one of which is the Central Plaza that is home to Udon Thani’s only cinema.

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