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Bangkok Airways Samui to Bangkok Promotion 2,590 Baht one way

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Bangkok Airways Samui to Bangkok Promotion 2,590 Baht one way | Samui Times
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There are only three days left to book your flight but if you are looking for an economical way of getting to Bangkok then as long as you are happy to take off at 6am you can take advantage of the current promotional price of 2,590 Baht deal with Bangkok Airways.

bangkok airways flight promotionsThis Web Promotion deal is only valid on Bangkok Airways operated flights, you have to book before the 3rd of November and fly between the 4th of November and December 15th. Once you have booked you will not be able to change your travel date, rout or the name on the ticket and there are no refunds. The discount does not apply to children and after airport taxes the actual cost of the ticket is 2,590 Baht but it is still a considerable saving on the next price bracket of 3890Baht that converts to 4190 Baht once you add the taxes, and with only a few of those seats left your next option is the 4490 Bhat deal or the 5010 Baht deal and these are often the only fares available.

If you miss this promotion and you are not in a rush, your other economical options is to fly via Suart Thani. Currently Nok Air will pick you up in Nathon and take you to Surat before flying you up to Bangkok for 3,049Baht inclusive of all taxes. Pick up is at 8am and you will arrive in Bangkok at 3.20pm. If you are happy to find your own way to Surat Thani and you can get to the airport in time for the 8-45am flight with Air Aisa then finding your way to the capital will cost you a mere 1,973 Baht that is also inclusive of all taxes, although baggage limitations to apply.

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