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Bangkok bomb attack after Suthep asks supporters to close down government offices in the south

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Bangkok bomb attack after Suthep asks supporters to close down government offices in the south | Samui Times
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As supporters of the People’s Committee for Absolute Democracy were marching yesterday on the Banthai Thong Road near the financial district in Bangkok a blast went off that is thought to have been caused by a grenade. The explosion killed one PCAD supporter and injured thirty six others.

The Royal Thai Police have denied allegations that they were involved in the grenade attack on anti-government protestors.

Immediately after the attack the PCAD guards stormed the abandoned buildings which line the road where the attack took place to apprehend the perpetrators, they were unsuccessful, however they claim to have discovered a stash of weapons in an abandoned room. They also claim they found a red cap with the police insignia, a police jacket and radio equipment, PCAD leader Suthep Thaugsuban repeated the accusation when he addressed the crowd later in the evening.

Bomb attackPol. Gen Adul Daengsingkaew, the Chief of the Royal Thai Police said that the police were not involved in the attack and insisted that the role of the police is to provide security for the people. The owner of the room told the police he did not know anything about the weapons, but said the red hat and the radio equipment belonged to him.


Meanwhile another explosion took place 500 meters away from Cha Am Station in Petchburi Province. It has been reported that a Bangkok-Trang train had just passed the spot only 8 minutes before the incident took place.

It is believe that the bomb was a C4 high-compression bomb that broke apart the rail track and created a 50 x 150 cm wide hole under the railway track. Mr. Monthien Thongnit, the Governor of Petchaburi said that the main motive for the attack could be related to the current political situation. The railway is the main transportation which carries supporters of anti-government movement from the south to the protesting ground in Bangkok, and the perpetrators might have chosen to attack the rail track to convey their threat against the protesters, Mr. Monthien said.

However, Mr. Prapat Jongsa-nguan, Governor of the State Railway of Thailand, told reporters that it is too early to make a connection between the attack and the ongoing political protests.

He also asserted that the bomb attack was merely a symbolic threat. “The culprits must have been aware that no one was on the track, and that no one could have been harmed by the bomb,” Mr. Prapat suggested. All passengers should feel confident about the service regardless of their political preferences, so the SRT will not take any political side, Mr. Prapat added.

On Saturday night Suthep told a huge crowd of supporters at the Pathumwan protest site that members of the PDRC in all provinces must shut down government offices from Monday morning, starting with the southern provinces.

The former Democrat MP on Saturday donated five million baht from his family’s account to the family of Mr Prakong Chuchan, a protester who was killed by a grenade attack at Banthanthong area on Friday. The PDRC, meanwhile, donated another one million baht to the family.

Suthep on Sunday will lead protesters from a march to Lat Phrao protest site and nearby areas to urge Bangkokians to join the protest against Thaksin regime.

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