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Bangkok comes in at #2 on best digital nomad cities

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Bangkok comes in at #2 on best digital nomad cities
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A study by a UK-based company has named Bangkok the second best city in the world to work as a digital nomad. The company, called The Instant Group, is a flexible working solutions provider. The Instant Group found that over have of the world’s top 60 cities for digital nomads are in Asia.

Other Asian cities on the list included Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong. But the one city to beat Bangkok is Libson, Portugal. In choosing the best cities for digital nomads, The Instant Group considered these factors: affordability, weather, broadband speed, scenery, and transport. Bangkok scored well in all these categories.

Thailand’s main selling points earning it its spot were the city’s famous local cuisine, its availability of over 15,000 high-speed WiFi spots, its transport options, and its cheap accommodation. The average cost for a night in an Airbnb is 1,174 baht.

Even though Bangkok has snagged the #2 spot on this list, seeking a legitimate visa that supports the digital nomad lifestyle has been notoriously difficult in Thailand. But last month, Thailand’s Cabinet announced some changes to the 10 year Long Term Resident visa that could make the lifestyle a realistic option for certain individuals.

The LTR visa is aimed at four groups: 1) wealthy foreigners 2) retirees 3) working foreigners and 4) specialists.

Digital nomads could be classified as either “Working Foreigners” or “Specialists,” who must both meet 2 requirements to be eligible for the LTR visa…

1) They must have an employment or service contract with a Thai OR a foreign company.
2) They must be able to provide proof of 5 years work experience in the relevant industry, completed within 10 years of the application date.

The Cabinet also announced they will halve the one-time fee for the LTR visa from 100,000 to 50,000 baht.

So, if you have the contract and proof of 5 years of work experience, it’s a pretty sweet deal that gets you a visa in Thailand valid for 10 years. Also, LTR visa holders are welcome to bring their spouse and up to four children under the age of 20 with them into the kingdom.

The changes were expected to come into effect 90 days after their official announcement in the Royal Gazette.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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