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Bangkok and its dirty public toilets

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Bangkok and its dirty public toilets | Samui Times
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According to the Health Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration most of the public toilets in Bangkok are dirty, in fact only 25.31% pass the required standards for cleanliness, the rest have failed the test.

Director of the Health Department Mrs. Wantanee Wattana, said that a survey of one hundred people was carried out in the capital to establish their behavior with regard to use of public toilets in 2012. Through the results of that survey it was discovered that 28% improperly used seat toilets, 13% do not bother to flush and 18% do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

dirty toilets bangkokShe went on to say that of the 4,341 toilets in Bangkok only 1380 of them passed the national hygienic standard required, only 17.39% but from the point of view of cleanliness, sufficiency and safety as a whole then 25.31 passed the test.

Those on the failure list have problems such as 69.47% having no seat toilets for the disabled, aged and pregnant women,60.59 had no hand washing soap and 60.28% had no cleaning hose or toilet tissues.

She went on to say that the BMA have now introduced a master plan to improve the state of public toilets with a focus on cleanliness, sufficiency and safety and she hopes over 90% will pass the test by 2016.

A contest will also be held to find the cleanest public toilet for 2014 to encourage businesses to recognize the significance having clean toilets for the public and the affect that can have on their business. Registration to enter the competition will open on April 18th she said.

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