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Bangkok elderly can register for vaccine

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Bangkok elderly can register for vaccine
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Elderly residents can now register for a vaccine through the Mor Prom app, says the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The news comes during a time of confusion, blame game playing, ex-pats’ personal information being leaked online, and everything going “according to plan“.

Residents who are no less than 60 years old, and residing in Bangkok, are now able to register to be vaccinated in Bangkok. They can pick from over 100 hospitals (but not non-hospital vaccination sites, as many have postponed vaccinations).

The BMA has reportedly been instructed to prioritise the elderly residents in Bangkok. Appointments are being arranged on a first come, first served basis.

However, the BMA, through Sophon Pisutthiwong , says that they have not received the expected amount of vaccines. They added that the vaccine committee has decided to prioritise groups to receive what little is left of the vaccines this month.

AstraZeneca will be the main vaccine administered.

Bangkok residents that will be vaccinated this month will be those that have already received the first AstraZeneca inoculation, the elderly with any of 7 underlying diseases (who have also registered to be vaccinated at a hospital). Medical personnel who have not been inoculated. And the general public who registered at the 25 non-hospital vaccination sites.

The 7 underlying diseases that will give someone a jump in line are: chronic respiratory disease, heart, and blood vessel disease, chronic kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease or stroke, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.



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