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Bangkok Holds Virtual Black Lives Matter Protest




Bangkok Holds Virtual Black Lives Matter Protest | Samui Times
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America’s Black Lives Matter movement officially launched virtually in Bangkok with a group of both Thais and foreigners taking part.

The killing of black American George Floyd almost two weeks ago influenced two Thais and one American to assemble at a Bangkok condominium, where they organized a “virtual rally” yesterday with nearly 400 others through the Zoom.

Natalie “Bin” Narkprasert, 28, a business woman, is one of the three organizers. She said her decision to organize the protest was a spontaneous idea. Natalie also said she hopes to stage a physical flash mob when the Emergency Decree is lifted.

“I saw at least five people crying,” Natalie said after the online protest was over.

Bangkok Holds Virtual Black Lives Matter Protest | News by Samui Times

The rally was initially supposed to be a flash mob inside Lumpini Park, but organizers feared police would block the protest due to the emergency law, which bans public gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s too risky. And there’s also COVID-19 so this is probably the best option,” Prameet Sirisachdecha, a Thai-Indian who works in the fashion industry, said.

During the online protest, the activists called for an end to racial discrimination and police brutality. The organizers said they will later send the video of the protest to the US Embassy in Bangkok.

Some black Americans in Bangkok were reportedly asked to be co-organizers of Sunday’s protest, but they were reluctant because they feared their visas may not be renewed.

“In Thailand, we don’t know, freedom of speech,” Natalie said, quoting one of them. Some joined yesterday’s virtual protests from Washington D.C. in the US and one from the Netherlands.

Protesters raised their right arms and fists together and held a moment of silence lasting eight minute and 46 seconds, the duration of time in which Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed on Floyd’s neck.

Bangkok Holds Virtual Black Lives Matter Protest | News by Samui Times

Floyd cried, “I can’t breathe,” a few times before he eventually became unconscious and was pronounced dead at a hospital an hour later.

“This movement is far from over,” Prameet told fellow protesters towards the end of the virtual demonstration.

Bangkok Holds Virtual Black Lives Matter Protest | News by Samui Times


SOURCE: Khaosod English

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