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Bangkok police chief tells public to stay calm over IS report

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Bangkok police chief tells public to stay calm over IS report | Samui Times
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Metropolitan police commissioner today calmed thee public over intelligence report by Russian Federal Security Services (FSB) warning of the entry of 10 Syrians with IS links into Thailand with aim to hit Russian and allies interests in Thailand.

stay calmThe commissioner Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahatavorn said it remained not clear if the warning document allegedly leaked from the Special Branch Bureau is authentic.

He said authorities needed to verify the document as at present there were forged official documents coming in public.

He then asked the public to remain calm and not to panic over such report in the media.

He said people who forged such document will be dealt with severe penalty as they incite public disorder that could extensively damage the economy.

However he assured that metropolitan police would be able to control the situation.

Earlier this morning several Thai media ran breaking news saying the Russian intelligence agency FSB has warned Thailand of the entry of 10 Syrian nationals with links to the Islamic State with intention to hit Russian interests in Thailand, as well as allied countries fighting the IS in Syria.

According to Matichon Online, INN and Channel 3, they quoted a document allegedly released by Pol Maj Gen Sravuth Kanpanich, acting commissioner of the Special Branch Bureau, as stating that the FSB’s warning was first directed to the National Security Council (NSC) which later alerted the Royal Thai Police’s Special Branch Bureau to monitor the movements of these Syrian nationals closely,

FSB said these Syrians have entered Thailand during October 15-31. It said four have gone to Pattaya, 2 to Phuket, 2 in Bangkok, while whereabouts of two others and their identities remain unknown.

The NSC instructed tightened security at embassies of Russia, and allied countries fighting the IS, namely the United States, France United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and Australia to prevent untoward violence to happen in the country.

According to the Special Branch Police, 400 Syrian nationals entered the country during the past several months and they carried tourist visas.

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