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Bangkok police have doubts over Australian woman’s rape claim

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Bangkok police have doubts over Australian woman’s rape claim | Samui Times
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Police have now revealed they are as yet uncertain of an Australian woman’s claims that she was raped by two tuk-tuk drivers last week.
australian-rape-thailandFollowing a meeting of top brass and Taling Chan police met chief Sanit Mahathavorn said that he had ordered all CCTV footage along the route from Khao Sarn Road to the site of the alleged rape on waste ground behind a building in Boromratchachonanee Road to be thoroughly checked.
And he said that police were still waiting on rape test results and that they would not know for two weeks if the 21 year old woman’s claims were correct.
Named only as “Yaya” she said earlier that she was very drunk and had been taken by one driver then met by another before being physically assaulted then raped by the two men.
Thai news sources reported Friday that rape had been confirmed but police now cast doubt on this.
Sanit said that 20 tuk-tuk had been identified as cross the bridge at Pin Klao around the relevant time but only five had gone in the further direction where the alleged crime took place.
These five vehicles and their registered owners were being thoroughly investigated.
He order local police to step up their efforts to solve the crime quickly one way or another.
But charges of false reporting against the Australian tourist have not been ruled out.
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