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Bangkok Police Hunt Political Activists Who Branded Landmarks

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Bangkok Police Hunt Political Activists Who Branded Landmarks | Samui Times
(Photo: Coconuts)
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The slogan Seek the Truth (in Thai) has been projected onto several Bangkok landmarks in what appears to be a commemoration of the violent end to political demonstrations in 2010. That year, protests rocked Bangkok for 3 months between March and May, when over 100,000 supporters of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra (known as the “Redshirts”) descended on the city, demanding elections.

Bangkok Police Hunt Political Activists Who Branded Landmarks | News by Samui Times

‘Seek the truth’ reads a message projected Sunday night at BTS Victory Monument. Photo: The Reporters / Facebook

The slogan has appeared on the Democracy Monument, on the Defense Ministry building and at the Victory Monument BTS station, as well as being spotted on a temple, Wat Pathum Wanaram, in the centre of the capital. These are all places that witnessed violent clashes during the Government’s crackdown on protesters.

Violence first broke out at the Democracy Monument in April of 2010, and soldiers are suspected of killing six people who sought refuge in the temple in May. Yesterday, the Seek the Truth slogan was all over social media too, becoming the top-trending hashtag on Twitter.

Those defending the demonstrators say they were protesting peacefully, while the other side accuses them of being paid to flock to Bangkok and create anarchy and disruption. After shutting down large parts of the capital, they were forcibly removed on May 19. As the situation grew increasingly violent, the iconic Central World shopping mall was set on fire, and the ‘redshirts’ blamed for the violence.

In the bloody crackdown that followed, nearly 100 people, mostly civilians, were killed. A Japanese journalist also died, as well as 5 soldiers. Charges initially brought against then PM Abhisit and his deputy, Suthep Thaugsuban, were later dropped, and to date, nobody has been held accountable for the bloodshed.

Coconuts reports that while it’s not known who is responsible for the Seek the Truth slogan being projected onto the city’s landmarks, police have launched an investigation to track them down. It’s not clear what offence they might be charged with.

SOURCE: Coconuts

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