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Bangkok taxi driver stabs a passenger

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Bangkok taxi driver stabs a passenger | Samui Times
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A taxi driver in Bangkok stabbed a passenger on Sunday night after receiving a complaint.

man stabbed in a taxi in BangkokBee Anuchit says he was attacked by the taxi driver outside the Wonder World Fun Park on the Kanchanaphisek Road where he had enjoyed a Cat Radio Concert with two friends. After the concert had finished he looked for a cab to take him and his friends home and found one close by. After getting into the cab he asked the diver to drive a few meters up the road to pick up his friends, however the taxi driver said he did not want to go.

When the passenger asked the taxi driver why he would put on his available sign if he was unwilling to take passengers he said that he felt the taxi driver punch him before he felt a pain that he described on his Facebook page as ‘unbearable” He said after the taxi driver punched him in the back he felt winded and tried to get out of the car, however the driver took off leaving the man clinging on to the seat, it was then he saw a lot of blood and realized that the driver had used a knife.

Anuchit has filed a complaint with the police and wishes to encourage people to share the details of his ordeal in order to bring attention to the attack he said “Please post as share this, I want to see that taxi driver thrown into jail”.


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