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Bangkok taxis demand second round of fare increase

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Bangkok taxis demand second round of fare increase | Samui Times
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Bangkok taxi operators are preparing to demand another round of fare increase, citing the latest increase of NGV by 50 satang per kilo last week, making a combined increase of 1.50 baht in total. Increase of NGV twice is a cost burden for them, they said.

taxiPresident of Bangkok Taxi Cooperative Network Mr Witoon Naewpanich revealed that he has discussed another round of taxi fare hike with the director of Land Transportation, after the first 8% rise of taxi fare on December 12 last year already took place.

He said although the fare has been raised by 8 percent the last time, but earning by taxi drivers stayed at 100-120 on average daily while the price of NGV has increased twice, to about 1.50 baht higher.

This prompted taxi drivers to pay around 100-110 baht more per day for NGV gas.

The taxi co-op president stated that he has now presented a document to Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha to reconsider the increase of NGV price or to implement new measures to help alleviate taxi drivers’ hardship.

He indicated that taxi driver would demand a 5% increase in fare in the second round.

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