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Bangkok Woman Allegedly Murders And Cuts Off Father’s Genitals




Bangkok Woman Allegedly Murders And Cuts Off Father’s Genitals | Samui Times
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A Bangkok woman has been arrested after allegedly murdering her father and cutting off his genitals.

Police found the woman, aged 29, wandering the street at 2:30am this morning along with the alleged knife that was used in the crime.

The woman was unable to speak, and officers said they would let her rest and question her when her semiconscious condition improved.

58 year old Kasem Bunyachon was found dead, covered in blood after officers were notified of the murder in Lak Si district. The diseased man had wounds on his face and his genitals were removed.

Witnesses told police the victim had just arrived from the hospital with his daughter shortly following. After committing the alleged murder, the daughter fleed the scene with a bag in hand. The neighbours decided to enter the home and called the police when they saw the blood-soaked body.

The victim’s wife told police that their daughter had used drugs since she was very young, which had made her emotionally unstable. The wife also said her husband had a hot temper and would often fight with the daughter.


SOURCE: The Thaiger

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