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Bangkok’s Bon Kai community fire victims provided free accommodation for a month

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Bangkok’s Bon Kai community fire victims provided free accommodation for a month
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The National Housing Authority has offered temporary accommodation for victims of a fire at Bon Kai Community in Bangkok.

The authority says residents can stay free for a month and then pay 999 baht per month after that.

The fire broke out on Tuesday at the Bon Kai Community on Rama 4 Road in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok. Fortunately, no deaths were reported. Only 5 residents suffered from either smoke-related inhalation or were injured after falling while running out of the building.

The fire damaged 30 houses in the community making about 100 people homeless.

Residents have been instructed to file a complaint with the police and report any damage to their homes and assets to claim compensation, repair costs, and budget to rent temporary accommodation.

Bangkok has set up some short-term temporary shelter at Bon Kai Youth Club for residents. However, people still need to find accommodation while their houses are under repair.

National Housing Authority Director, Thaweepong Wichaidit, today visited the Bon Kai Youth Club shelter to see how residents were coping. Thaweepong revealed PM Prayut Chan-o-cha is worried about the victims and urged every relevant department to assist residents as soon as possible.

Thaweepong revealed the National Housing Authority worked closely with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to prepare temporary accommodation for the residents at a national housing project called Pron Praruang Prasit Housing, located on Sukhaphiban 5 Road in Sai Mai district.

There are 100 rooms available, and the National Housing Authority will allow the homeless group to stay free for the first month. After that residents will have to pay 999 baht per month.

As Porn Praruang Prasit Housing is located nearly 30 kilometres from the Bon Kai community, the Social Development and Human Security Ministry will help find new schools for the children of the families.

SOURCE: Matichon | Channel 7


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