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Bangkok’s German beggar with a giant leg has relocated to Manila

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Bangkok’s German beggar with a giant leg has relocated to Manila | Samui Times
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Last September a German beggar with a very large leg was discovered living rough and begging around the Khao San Road in Bangkok. The tourist police and a German charity were notified and came to his aid after photographs of the man found their way onto social media sites.

beggar with giant legMr. Chumphol Thiangtham, the chairman of Deutscher Hilfsverein said that the beggar, Mr. Benjamin Holse, had been put in a guest house while the charity organization liaised with the German Embassy to organize a new passport for the man on further verification of his identity. He went on to say that the organization had previously approached the German beggar and had offered to help be he had turned the offer down.

Mr. Holse arrived in Thailnd on September 2nd by Chinese Eastern Airlines on a one way ticket. Tourism police officer Piyaphong Bukhunthos said when the police first contacted Mr Holse he said that his passport and documents had been stolen.

A police Facebook page later quoted Mr Holse as saying that the excessive swelling on his legs was a congenital symptom, and his condition was neither elephantiasis nor painful.

After being given a hotel room and reportedly being given THB50,000 in donated cash, rather than taking a flight home, he moved on to Pattaya. Reports claim that Benjamin made comments blaming Thai people’s stupidity” for giving him the money. The police in Pattaya brought the man in for questioning but in the end he was released as the police had nothing to actually charge him with.

The man, who then went off the radar, has now turned up in Manila. On June 11, Facebook user Ariston Mariano posted a photo (see above) of Holst wearing a purple shirt and brown shorts, looking like he passed out, on Sen Gil Puyat Avenue. He had a styrofoam cup in his right hand.

“Please share,” Mariano wrote, imploring his friends, in Tagalog, to help so Holst can go back to his country.” It’s been shared 833 ties as of this writing.

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