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Bars, Entertainment Venues and Massage Parlours Next To Reopen

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Bars, Entertainment Venues and Massage Parlours Next To Reopen | Samui Times
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The government is considering steps to revive 12 forms of business and operations. This includes bars, concerts, wet massage salons and sports competitions.

The spokesperson for the government’s Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, Taweesilp Visanuyothin, said today that the CCSA Committee for Resumption of Business had invited operators and organizers to discuss the steps needed to monitor the spread of the coronavirus.

The Committee is headed by the National Security Council Secretary-General.

“The government will be hearing from the operators what they would do to prevent disease transmission and we will see how we can cooperate,” Dr Taweesilp said.

Partial services were already allowed to resume some of the 12 business/activity forms. Officials will discuss steps to restore further services at these facilities, he said.

He referred to sports fields, which practice is now permitted. He also said they were talking to hundreds of spectators and other non-players about disease control measures for sports competition.

The upcoming relaxing of the limits will also extend to wider film crews, schools, regular visits to elderly care facilities and national parks.

Dr Taweesilp also said that more than 20,000 square meters of concert and event halls, education-oriented scientific centres and beaches were being set up.

He also mentioned other business categories including amusement parks, water parks, playgrounds and game shops, meeting rooms for over 200 participants, pubs, bars and karaoke shops, and bath-sauna massage rooms.


SOURCE:  Bangkok Post

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