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Basic Thai

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Basic Thai | Samui Times
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Thai, or more precisely Siamese, is the official language of Thailand that is spoken by over 60 million people.

Many scholars believe that the language was derived from the Khmer script, although in appearance it seems to be close the Thai Dam script that may have had the same origins as the Khmer script. \

The dialect spoken in the Central Region is regarded as Standard Thai. Very distinct regional dialects are spoken in the North, Northeast and South of the country.

Thai is a tonal langue with five recognized pitches. Mid tone, low tone, high tone, falling tone and rising tone.

The Thai language has 44 basic consonants and 15 vowel symbols

Here are some useful Thai words and phrases

Hello – Sawa dee

Thank you – Kap kun kha (female ) Kap kun kap (male)

How are you – Sabai dee mai

I am fine – Pom Sabai dee kha/kap

Come – Ma

Come from – Ma Jar

I come from England – Pom ma jar England

Go – Bai

Gone already – Bai laaow

Gone where – Bai nai

Eat – Gin

Drink – Durn

Food – Ahan

Understand – Cow jai

I don’t understand – Mai cow jai

I don’t know – Mai roo

I don’t want – Mai aow

Now – Ton nee

Today – Wan nee

Tonight – Kurn nee

This morning – Chow nee

Tomorrow – Prung nee

Yesterday – Mur wan

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