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Beer Chang Ice Cream

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Beer Chang Ice Cream | Samui Times
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According to Coconuts Bangkok Chang have made beer ice cream a reality.

Today a report on the Coconuts Website said that Chang will be serving beer flavor soft serve ice cream at selected outdoor beer gardens this winter. Chang Export Soft Serve beer ice cream will be available to be enjoyed with three topping choices, almonds, chocolate chips and caramel. It went on to say that those who want to consume their beer in the sweetest and creamiest way can visit the Beer Chang Park at Asiatique beginning today and at the World Trade Centre from Saturday until December 31st.

chang ice creamChang is distributed by the ThaiBev company who also make Mekong and Sang Som. It has significant operations in Europe and produces malt Scotch whiskey, vodka, gin and liqueurs with over 20 distilleries in Scotland, France, Poland and Ireland.

Chang Beer started production in March 1995 at their first brewery in the Bang Ban district of Ayutthaya Province, it is the top selling beverage in Thailand. It managed to win 60% of the market share in Thailand after a hard market fight with Singha, the previous leading brand.

Chang is brewed at 6.4% for the local market and 5% for the export market. The two versions are very different however, the export version is a malt beer while the in country version is brewed with rice.

In December 2000 Carlsberg and Chang established a 50/50 joint venture, Carlsberg Asia, to create a significant brewing company in Asia. The Carlsberg influence can be seen in the typography of the ‘Beer Chang’ logo, which resembles the classic ‘Carlsberg Beer’. In 2005 Carlsberg pulled out from the venture and terminated licence agreement with Chang. Because of non-fulfilment of contractual obligations, resulting in Chang claiming US$2.5 billion in damages. A final settlement of US$120 million was subsequently paid by Carlsberg.

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