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Beer maker ThaiBev in trouble over Phuket Veg Fest flags

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Beer maker ThaiBev in trouble over Phuket Veg Fest flags | Samui Times
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The Provincial Health Department (PHD) is to take legal action against ThaiBev, the brewer of Chang Beer, after the beer logo appeared on flags for the upcoming Vegetarian Festival all over Phuket Town. The Jui Tui shrine is also named in the PHD complaint.

flags with beer logoYesterday afternoon (September 17) Dr Krit Sakulpad from the PHD lodged a complaint with Phuket Town police that ThaiBev was using the Vegetarian Festival to promote its beer, which is against the law.

The yellow flags, carrying the company’s elephant logo with the word “Chang” on blue or green backgounds, were found by PHD staff at the intersection near SengHo book store, near Phuket Post Office, at the Suriydet Circle, on Bangkok Rd, in front of the Naga Market, in front of Phuket Prison, and at a shrine at Saphan Hin.

Dr Krit said this contravened the 2009 law law controlling the consumption of alcohol and on most advertising of alcohol that might lure people to consume alcoholic beverages.

The authorities will push for the arrest of anyone breaking this law, which mandates penalties of up to a year in jail or fines of up to B500,000

Doctor Krit added, “This festival is a great festival and one main focus should be to discourage people from consuming alcohol and to be free of sin.

“Promoting alcohol at this time is particularly inappropriate and goes against the cultural of Phuket.”

He urged restaurants and shops not to sell alcohol during this period.

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