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Beware of the dangers of medical tourism

Samui Times Editor



Beware of the dangers of medical tourism | Samui Times
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With many websites offering up to sixty percent discount on plastic surgery procedures it is not hard to see why the country is a favored destination for thousands of people from the UK the USA and Australia.

It has been reported that Thailand generated more than two billion pounds from medical tourism last year alone, and with massive savings on offer the numbers arriving for body enhancement continues to grow. While visiting reputable clinics with proven records of success should present no problem, it is wise to be aware, if you are considering having cosmetic surgery, that standards between clinics can vary dramatically.

surgery 4One of the most popular procedures in Thailand is dental work, the country has an excellent reputation for dentistry and it is a fraction of the price in other countries. Other popular procedures include liposuction, hip replacements, breast augmentation and face lifts. However, despite the fact that there are fantastic surgeons around the world, the cosmetic surgery industry is often less regulated in countries such as Thailand as it is in countries such as the UK, the USA and Australia. Several governing bodies in the UK have expressed concerns over parents having cosmetic procedures overseas and the death of a 24 year old British woman in Thailand on Friday has only highlighted their concern. It is worth noting however, that no matter how experienced your surgeon and how legitimate the clinic no surgery is risk free and complications can arise from undergoing procedures in any country no matter how stringent the regulations are. From a cost perspective, as many surgeries carried out by inexperienced surgeons and unethical medical establishments, it is important that you factor into your costs any corrective surgeries needed should things not work out as planned. This can involved flights to return to the original clinic or paying out again in your home country to have the surgical work corrected.

No matter where you plan to undergo any cosmetic procedure the key is to do your homework, find a surgeon you are comfortable with and even if you choose to go overseas for your surgery make sure you get testimonials from other clients, photographs of other surgeries and if possible try to speak to other clients at the clinic you are considering.

In Bangkok the Public Health Ministry suspended the cosmetic surgery clinic where the British girl died for two months pending an investigation into her death. Dr Boonrueng Trairuangworawat, director general of the Health and Service Support department said that the initial investigation found that the clinic and the doctors of the SP Clinic in Soi Lardprao had both licenses and permits. The preliminary autopsy on the 24 year old found she had died of heart and circulatory system failure. Police have charged the doctors who operated on the victim with recklessness that resulted in death.

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