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Big Joke: Two jobs done at Bangkok airport

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Big Joke: Two jobs done at Bangkok airport | Samui Times
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Immigration chief Lt-Gen Surachate Hakparn announced the resolution of two cases at Suvarnabhumi International Airport yesterday.

One involved a Thai woman using a passport with illegally added pages and the other was the arrest of members of a Mongolian pickpocket gang preying on tourists at the airport and on the BTS. 

Big Joke: Two jobs done at Bangkok airport | News by Samui Times

The first case came to light after an informal coffee morning for the exchange of information organized by Surachate with embassies in Bangkok. 

The French embassy contacted Thai immigration with news that a Thai woman called Chananya Daengthong, 39, had applied for a visa with a passport that had fake pages.

It was discovered that four pages had been removed and replaced with other. Chananya admitted that she had been barred from entering The Netherlands after overstaying there and had received no entry stamps on two pages in her passport.

She had then arranged though a woman called “Nott” to contact a man on a Line application called “Fa Sai” whom she paid 11,000 baht via Internet Banking to adapt the passport. 

The other case resulted in the arrest of three male members of a Mongolian gang of pickpockets responsible for stealing 200,000 baht or more from many people at the airport and on the BTS. 

They were named as Khishigbata Bold, 40, Turmunkh Burengargal,41 and thirty five year old Ulzibayar Baterdene. 

Warrants were out for their arrest and they were nabbed coming back into Thailand after going to Mongolia.

Working in tandem with a woman (whose arrest was not announced at the press briefing) they targeted tourists.

In a latest theft on March 8th they followed 59 year old Voker Willi Mauss, a German national who had arrived on THAI from Frankfurt, from the carousel to an exchange booth and thence to a Family Mart and the taxi rank. 

The victim only realized that he had had his pocket picked and lost cash and a credit card when he was in the taxi. 

CCTV showed that the woman in the gang actually did the theft. 

The gang were then seen to be continuing their thefts on the Airport Link and BTS. 

In another case they lifted $500 Australian from Michael Willians on the Airport Link.

Surachate – known by his moniker of Big Joke – said that the Mongolians would steal then return to their home country. Credit cards were used to purchase brand name items at stores. 

A large amount of cash in six foreign currencies was presented in evidence.

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Big Joke: Two jobs done at Bangkok airport | News by Samui Times
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