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Bigger cigarette pictorial warnings soon

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Bigger cigarette pictorial warnings soon | Samui Times
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Scary pictorial warnings on cigarette packs will be getting bigger in the Thai market in response to the Public Health Ministry’s intensifying efforts to curb smoking. But some smokers have already said they can find a way to deal with the disturbing pictures and not give up smoking.
“Those pictorial warnings make me feel uneasy about touching the pack but I continue smoking,” Yaowadee Saiphan told Post Today.
At present, cigarette packs have already devoted 55 per cent of their space to scary pictures and messages about the dangers from cigarettes anyway. It is just that with the ministry’s harder efforts, the warnings will soon cover 85 per cent of the space.
“Due to those pictures, I’ve bought a hard pack from overseas and refilled it with cigarettes I’ve bought here,” Yaowadee said.
The pictorial warnings prove quite scary. They, for example, show the effects of oral cancer and lung cancer.
“When I buy cigarettes here, I pray deep down that a shop assistant will pick the pack with the least scary picture for me,” the female smoker says.
Siriwan Pitayarangsarit of the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center says the pictorial warnings have successfully raised people’s awareness of smoking danger.
“When we raised the warning space from 50 per cent to 55 per cent of the packs, we also found that people had a stronger wish to smoking,” Siriwan said, “But none of available researches has confirmed that such pictorial warnings can really help people quit smoking”.
According to her, there are many other factors behind in one’s decision to really give up smoking.
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