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The biggest drugs bust in southern Thailand pulled off by Krabi police

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The biggest drugs bust in southern Thailand pulled off by Krabi police | Samui Times
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The police in Krabi province announced at a press conference today that they have arrested three suspects in what is being hailed as the biggest drugs bust in Southern Thailand.

At the press conference Prasit Osathanon the Krabi Governor presented Pattara Dechaporn, 27, Sompot Janchamroen, 30 and Bancha Janchamroen, 36 who were caught with over 48,000 methamphetamine (yaba) pills.

The police have said that the three regularly received shipments of 200,000 pills to distribute throughout southern Thailand.

Krabi drugs bustLt Col Boonprasert Tongnuey, Commander of Border Patrol Police Unit 426, explained that the arrests followed a deep undercover operation by police.

“We learned that a shipment of drugs were to be buried at a predetermined location near a large tree in Sai Thai Subdistrict, near Krabi Town,” Col Boonprasert explained. He said “We set up a surveillance unit, and when the suspects arrived we moved in to arrest them. The suspects fled, but we discovered where they were staying, at a rented house in nearby Krabi Noi Subdistrict. So we quickly organized a raid on the house,”

Once inside the property, officers seized as evidence 48,738 pills of yaba and a range of items valued at a total of 17 million baht.

A Honda Civic car, one gold necklace valued at 185,500 baht and another gold necklace valued at more than 37,000 baht, a gold ring and bracelet, a drink cooler and a TV were among the items seized. They also found a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and extra ammunition.

“All three suspects were charged with possession of a Category 1 drug with intent to sell and with illegal possession of a firearm,” Col Boonprasert said however all three suspects have denied the charges and claim that the drugs belong to Juthimas Hitagae from Surat Thani and Suriya Monchatin from Nakhon Sri Thammarat,” Col Boonprasert said. “They said they were paid 20,000 baht to keep the drugs in their house.” Police are now searching for Ms Juthimas and Mr Suriya, he added.

Sophon Suannakarat, chief administrative officer of Krabi Town District, said the drug haul was the largest in the South of Thailand, he said “The suspects then distributed the drugs throughout Southern Thailand through their own drug network” .

Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

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