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A bit more Monk’y business!

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A bit more Monk’y business! | Samui Times
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The department of Special Investigation (DSI) confirmed on Monday that they have identified where fugitive former monk Wirapol Sukpoli is hiding in Laos. Pol. Col. Songsak Raksaksakul, chief of the DSI office in foreign affairs and international criminal cases, said on Monday that the agency knows the whereabouts of the defrocked monk, who is wanted on an arrest warrant for sexual assault and also faces charge of violating the Computer Crimes Act and fraud. “We cannot give out more details yet, because we are working with a foreign agency. After receiving confirmation of his hideout, we’ll begin the extradition process right away” Pol. Col Songsak said.

Sukij Phulsrikasem, a lawyer and supporter of the former jet setting monk, said he could not contact Mr.Wirapol at this time.

Meanwhile, a recent photo of Mr. Wirapol dressed in orange robes has been posted on social networking sites including Facebook. Mr. Wirapol is allegedly still receiving food offerings from Thai Buddhists who travel to Laos at the weekend.

Last week DNA tests confirmed that Mr.Wirapol is the biological father on an 11 year old boy whose mother says was conceived during a sexual relationship with the former monk that took place when she was under age. The test was based on a DNA sample taken from a cigar butt smoked by him.

Earlier, Mr.Wirpol’s brother, Suri Sukphol said that the boy was probably his son, claiming he was the one who had a sexual relationship with the girl, not the former monk who was then known as Luang Pu Kham Chattiko.

Mr. Wirapol founded and was the abbot of the Khantitham forest monastery in Si Sa ket’s Kanthararom district. He left Thailand earlier this year, after his jet-setting life style was exposd, and has not returned since.

Story by Ann Kwanta

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