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Black Polo shirts sell like hot cakes

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Black Polo shirts sell like hot cakes | Samui Times
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Black Polo shirts are selling like hot cakes that Bobae, Bangkok’s biggest wholesale garment market, is running out of stock and prices have almost doubled, prompting complaints from retailers.

black-polo-shirtsMembers of the public have been shopping for black Polo or T-shirts or any black trousers in department stores, modern trade chain stores or from pavement vendors to join in the mourning of the passing away of His Majesty the King.

Officials of the government, state organisations and state enterprises have been instructed to observe a one-year mourning period they are to wear black or white shirt and black pant for men or white dress and black blouse for women.

As for civilians, they were told to make their judgement in dressing appropriately.

Several retails have complained that stores in Bobae market are now charging 250-300 baht in wholesale price for a black Polo shirt from 150-180 baht each just a few days ago before the King’s death, claiming that they have run out of stock and new stock will not be coming until the next couple of days.

The retailers have called on the government or the Commerce Ministry to intervene to stop the profiteering practice by wholesalers.

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