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Bogus monk admits stabbing death – but says it was done in self defence

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Bogus monk admits stabbing death – but says it was done in self defence | Samui Times
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A fake monk has been arrested for killing a man in the Bang Seu area of Bangkok on Saturday morning.

Anuwat Traibanyatikun, 25, was stabbed in Soi Pracharat Sai 1, Soi 25, in northern Bangkok, reports Daily News.

bogus monkThe fake monk admitted the killing but told police that it was done in self defence when he was surprised changing out of civvies into his orange robes in a dark corner of the soi.

Kritsana Phromsuwan, 62, has been charged with assault causing death and carrying a concealed knife in public. Taken into evidence was a penknife, a blue shirt with bloodstains and a fertiliser sack containing monk’s robes.

Kritsana was arrested at his lodgings behind the temple of Wat Soy Thong in Bang Seu on Saturday. He admitted what he had done but said he didn’t mean to kill Anuwat.

He told Bang Pho police that he was changing into his robes in a dark corner of the soi before going to ask for alms at the Din Daeng market. He said he was disturbed and the victim started swearing at him for his behaviour in pretending to be a monk. He claimed that the victim attacked him after he tried to get away.

“He went for me so I got a knife from my trouser pocket and stabbed him as a means of defending myself,” he said. “I didn’t think that it would kill him.”

Kritsana had been charged with being a bogus monk earlier this year. He said he was ordained at 18 but had moved from temple to temple and was not accepted as a real member of the clergy.

He said he was obliged to follow this way of life because of his sick mother. He apologised to his victim’s family for his actions.

Police took the old fraud into custody and began preparing the case against him.

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