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Booze Regulator Warns Public on ‘Instant Beer’

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Booze Regulator Warns Public on ‘Instant Beer’ | Samui Times
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Thailand’s top anti-alcohol crusader pre-emptively warned the public today about a product most have likely never heard of.
booze ThailandSamarn Footrakul, head of the Alcohol Control Board, warned that imports of so-called “instant beer” will require permits from both the Customs and Excise Tax departments because it is considered a “special good” under the 2008 Alcohol Control Act, which places broad restrictions on the sale, labeling and advertisement of alcohol.

Samarn, the chief architect of several anti-booze laws, said he became aware of the innovation by watching an online video in which a group of Chinese-speaking men try out a packet of instant beer.

Samarn said he’s unaware of the product being sold anywhere in Thailand. However, he’s worried that Thai tourists visiting other countries may return with some. In that case only a small amount for personal use is acceptable, he said.

“If they don’t appear to have a commercial purpose, they may be exempted,” he said of anyone bringing it into the kingdom. “But it depends on the quantity.”

Samarn said he’s concerned it may be the beginning of “a new form of alcoholic product” and said officials are “monitoring the news.”

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