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Boy admitted to emergency ward after beetle attack

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Boy admitted to emergency ward after beetle attack | Samui Times
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An 11 year old boy in Chumpon was hospitalized after he came into contact with rove beetles.

The mother of the P5 (year six) boy said that he was sleeping with a neon light on last Saturday. She went into his room and saw he had a lot of the beetles (known as duang kon kradok in Thai) over him, reports Thai News Agency.

beetle-attackThe boy brushed some of the insects onto his genitals and also wiped his eye in a panic.

Next day his penis and testicles had seriously swollen and so had his eye.

He was admitted to Sawee Hospital. He was unable to urinate and was admitted to the emergency ward. He is now recovering.

Health officials said that there was a lot of the insects about in at least five districts of the southern Thai town.

People can spray to keep their numbers down. Spraying should be done where the insects gather, such as near lights, but the insects should not be sprayed on directly.

Rove beetles are among the largest species of beetles in the world and have been around since the Triassic period 200 million years ago.

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