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Boy dies inhaling gas from camping gas can

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Boy dies inhaling gas from camping gas can | Samui Times
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A 12-year-old boy died and his friend injured after they inhaled gas from a camping gas canister bought from a supermarket in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

The unusual case of inhaling gas, later identified as butane, is a new thing for teenagers beside inhaling glue or other deodorants.

This first case of inhaling gas from butane can bought from Lotus Express Khamsakae-saeng branch was revealed by Dr Viraphol Wongpraphan, head of the Occupational Health and Environmental Disease Control Office at Nakhon Ratchasima Public Health Office.

Boy dies inhaling gas from camping gas can | News by Samui TimesHe said the Grade 6 boy, whose name was withheld, died from inhaling too much butane gas which caused sudden death.

The gas is harmful to heath same as cooking gas and cause brain damage if over inhaling, he said.

Inhaling butane is similar to other deodorants or glue as it makes one to become dizzy and misplaced like drug.

Another injured boy who was rushed to hospital unconsciously but was saved in time admitted that after buying the butane can from the supermarket, they sprayed the gas into plastic bags and then covered their heads with the bags to inhale.

But he said his friend inhale too much.

He said he learned of inhaling gas from senior friends.

He said he saw them inhaling this new thing three times in the past and none of them were hurt.

He added that he would never try the can gas again.

The boy was later discharged from hospital after recovering from the sickness.

Meanwhile local police said they would not pursue any legal case against anybody as there is no law to deal with both seller and buyer of the gas can.

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