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Boyfriend of woman found dead in Koh Chang pool denies arguing hours before her death

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Boyfriend of woman found dead in Koh Chang pool denies arguing hours before her death | Samui Times
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Staff at the luxury Sofia Garden Resort on the island of Koh Chang have raised their concerns after claiming to see Rachel Turner, 42 arguing with boyfriend Stef Brown the night before she was found dead in the hotel swimming pool.

Rachel Turner and Stefan Brown, 37, were on a seven week trip of a lifetime, taking some time out from running a recruitment firm in Wolverhampton UK. Mr Brown said that the day before the tragedy the pair had risen at around 7am due to jet jag, then hired out motorbikes and driven around the island. He described it as the perfect day, telling reporters that they had enjoyed the views from several viewpoints around the island that were so stunning they brought tears to Rachel’s eyes. He says they went to bed early that night as they were tired. They cuddled up together at around 10pm and the next thing he knew he was woken up to the sound of the owner banging on his door.
However staff at the hotel have said that they witnessed the couple rowing on their balcony between 9 and 10pm. A local police investigator said it may have been possible that the couple were under the influence of alcohol as several empty bottles were found in their room.

The following day Rachel Turner was found face down in the swimming pool. Mr Brown told reporters “I thought she had gone for a walk and then fallen asleep on a lounger and he couldn’t wake her up, I went outside and thought Oh My God, my whole world dropped, I don’t want to say what I saw, it’s just too hard at the moment”.

The initial autopsy performed at Koh Chang Hospital indicates that the British tourist died from drowning, a full examination is due to be carried out.

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