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Breakfast Wrap Day 13 World Cup (spoiler)

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Breakfast Wrap Day 13 World Cup (spoiler) | Samui Times
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So you can pretend you watched the games ( spoiler )


The Three Bite rule could see Suarez in big trouble as the serial nibbler does it again, chewing down on the shoulder of Italian defender Chiellini. Surely he will be banned ?

Make room on those planes back to Europe as The Italians join the Spanish and the English in the mass European exodus from Brazil.

Colombia defeated lackluster Japan to top their group, while Greece squeezed through.

The Main News .

Unlucky day 13, but for who ? I thought I would be reporting the fall of the Italian empire today but instead we must first discuss the one incident that will now start to dirty and sully a little, what has been so far, a great World Cup.

To most Uruguayans he is known as Suarez to the rest of the world he is rapidly becoming Count Dracula !

2014 world cupYes it would appear “Thrice bitten twice shy” is not the case for our Liverpool super hero striker. The man who days ago, single handily finished of the England national team, with two very effective finishes, may have also just finished off his own countries hopes.

Towards the end of drab game I had found my mind wandering to the next stages in this exciting competition. Thoughts of Wednesday’s Germany v USA game and Sunday’s knockout tie between Holland and Chile had already begun to wet my appetite.

Suarez, though, changed all that and, just as he had done a year or so ago at Anfield, he did so with absolutely no prior warning at all.

A year ago it had been the arm of Ivanovic of Chelsea , now it was the shoulder of Chiellini. And lets not forget that our dear Ahnnibal ahs also taken a chunk out of PSV’S Bakkal before as well!

Watch enough football and you will see just about everything eventually. There are only so many possible stories, after all. It’s just the names that change. You become accustomed to the cheating, the sly violence, the diving, the moaning and the carping.

You think nothing shocks you but then something like this comes along and all that changes. This just doesn’t happen in football. Does it?

As sad as it sounds, we must now place this episode in the same league as Frank Rijkaard’s spit at Rudi Voller in 1990. That is where it belongs.

After 13 glorious days, this fantasy World Cup of our dreams now has its first very real stain.

On to the rest of the news which pales into insignificance really , The 1.0 win by Suarez’s team meant the Italians are packing their Armani suits and will be squeezing onto another of the many planes now heading back to Europe as they join both Spain and England in failing to get out of their group.

This reporter was left scratching his head as I tried to contemplate how the three countries who collectively run the three best and most watched leagues in the world could end up ceremoniously dumped out at the group stages of the World Cup.

The mighty three La liga , The Premier league and Serie A must be scratching their heads and other parts as well as they try to fathom out how having the worlds best players isn’t seeming to rub off on their national squads. Too much money ? too much fame ?

can console themselves with probably the top three entertaining leagues and most successful in the world

England v Costa Rica doesn’t really even deserve a mention as Sturridge missed a hatful of chances and Roy Hodgson just looked like a lost soul with no concept about tactics strategy or even what type of sport England were playing ! As for Costa Rica they looked delighted to have taken a point from the “motherland of football”

Results from last night

Italy 0 – 1 Uruguay

Costa Rica 0 – 0 England

Colombia 4– 1 Japan

Greece 2 – 1 Ivory Coast

So what to expect from Day 14 …….

Lots of Biting, Dracula and Hannibal jokes ! Calls from every half decent ex player to have Suarez banned and kicked out of the world cup (well from English media anyway!)

Oh expect from the matches , now you see that si the problem when someone like Suarez does something like bite another player , we stop focusing on the great football. But football is about talking points , tonight in which ever bar you may be in, take a close look and you will see the true football fans discussing the virtues of playing with Two molars at the back and whether incisors are actually needed anymore to open up the oppositions flesh !

Main teams to check out tonight are Argentina with their talisman Messi in the early kick off against Nigeria and the later game is worth a look to gauge the threat of the quiet yet so far impressive French!


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