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Breaking News: Samui Police Officer Killed

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Breaking News: Samui Police Officer Killed | Samui Times
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11:50At roughly 7am this morning an attempted robbery of the 7-11 at the PTT garage in Chaweng Lake Road occured, police were on the scene and a police officer was shot and killed. The garage has been cordoned off as a crime scene and Samutimes understands that the police are still looking for the gunman.

12:18 Contrary to the first update we got we have just been told by police that it was not an attempted robbery, police were on scene to apprehend a suspect for Yabba possession. When they attempted to apprehend him a police officer was fatally wounded and we have confirmation that he has died of his wounds. The suspect is now in custody.

12:28: Unbelievably 2 tourists with a bike out of fuel just pushed their bike through the barricades into a crime scene to get fuel, only to be told to get out very quickly by Thai Police.

12:30: 2nd Police officer in ICU with gun shot stab wound.

12:34: Eyewitness report (not confirmed by police yet) Suspect was causing a scene at PTT Chaweng Lake Road and police were called to assist. Two responding officers attempted to talk to suspect and defuse the situation, one officer was stabbed then shot and killed, a second officer was shot stabbed and is currently in ICU.

12:43: Confirmation that deceased officer is a young officer and father of two. For obvious reasons police are not releasing a name as yet and we are still waiting for confirmation of the second officer’s condition.

12:51: Suspect apparently got released from Jail for Yabba possession only yesterday. Unconfirmed

13:00: All quiet at the scene now. We are heading to the police station to see if we can get more details. Stay tuned to the Samuitimes website for a full article to follow.

13:30: Reports are coming in that the first officer was stabbed before the assailant shot him in the head. Police from Bangkok are now at the scene.

13:43: Picture from the scene this morning.


 13:57 : Thairath is reporting the following: At 8 am this morning, police were called to the PTT in Chaweng Lake Road responding to reports of a man acting erratically. Two Officers responded and one confronted the suspect attempting to talk him down. The suspect then stabbed the officer and grabbed his 9mm weapon and shot the officer three times in the head killing him instantly. The suspect then proceeded to shoot seven further rounds into the surrounding area, luckily not injuring anyone. The suspect then attempted to escape by running back to his house. In the process he discarded the gun, roughly 30meters from the PTT. The second officer set off after the suspect on foot and, in a altercation with the suspect, was stabbed in his chest. The officer is currently in ICU at Thai International Hospital. The suspect was arrested shortly after at his residence by officers.

14h24: While emerging reports on this morning’s shooting incident are contradicting each other we are waiting for an official statement that will be released in a separate article.
What we can confirm is: one Officer has been killed, one is in the ICU and the suspect has been apprehended.

16h09: A video of the CCTV in the 7-11 at the PTT petrol station where the shooting took place this morning has been obtained by the Samui Times. Due to the graphic nature of the video it is inappropriate to show the it.

However, we can report that the 17 second video shows an officer down on the forecourt of the petrol station. The wounded officer sat up and took aim at the suspect before being shot by the suspect, in the location of his abdomen. Lying on his left side covering his head he lifted his right leg and bent it at the knee, he then propped himself up on his left arm and again took aim at the suspect.

The officer then appeared to roll to his right and then to his left as the suspect stood aiming his gun at the officer. The officer then managed to get onto his knees with his back to the suspect who then ran over and shot him in the back of the head. The officer fell backwards onto the forecourt and lay motionless. The suspect then walked over to the officer and shot him a further three times in the head. He then stopped to pick up two items from the floor before calmly walking away.

16h22: To clarify, the video we saw, was of the CCTV monitor inside the 7-11 taken by a camera phone. It captures only the last 17 seconds of the incident.

16h38: To all the readers requesting we publish the video, considering the suspect has been caught and the officer is deceased we do not feel it is appropriate to release the video or photos of the video.

17h32: New Update from TNN24: This morning at 7h33 a man suspected of being under the influence of Yabba was going crazy at the PTT in Chaweng Lake Road. Two police officers responded on a motorbike. One officer attempted to talk to the man to diffuse the situation, when that did not work the officer fired shots into the air to attempt to sub-due the suspect.

There was an altercation and the officer was stabbed and his weapon taken by the suspect. The suspect then shot and killed a officer firing a total of 15 shots,finishing one magazine. The suspect then stabbed the second officer and also one bystander. The suspect attempted to hide in a house close to PTT.

Locals who saw the man hiding encircled him and waited for the police to arrive. The police attempted to talk the suspect down but he proceeded to try and stab them however, they managed to capture him.

The suspect has been named as Khosit Chaipet a Thai National. He was taken to the police station where he is being kept in solitary confinement due to him still acting aggressively.

The deceased police officer’s funeral will take place at Sawang Arom Temple tonight and his body will then
be taken back by his family to Patthalung Province.






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