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“Breaking news”: Thais filmed actually picking up litter!

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“Breaking news”: Thais filmed actually picking up litter! | Samui Times
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It is official – some Thais actually do care about their environment.

So much so they are prepared to do the almost unthinkable – bend down and pick up litter in a public place.

imageLitter that does not even belong to them.

Yes, this happened yesterday, in Korat, Thaivisa can confirm.

The scene was filmed by an eagle-eyed reporter on the road leading to the scenic dam area of Lamtakhong in Pak Chong.

Manager said that social media was in raptures as thousands viewed the public spirited-ness of several Thai women on motorbikes, no less, collecting trash that had been tossed by the roadside on the way to the dam.

One had even brought along their little daughter suggesting that the child may learn good habits for tomorrow’s Thailand.

Reporter “Korakot Buaphim” posted on Facebook saying he went there to admire the view – but ended up taking pictures of the ladies doing their bit for a cleaner kingdom instead.

That was much more beautiful, he gushed enthusiastically!

A Thai man with a pick-up was also seen helping out too.

Korakot said that the dam was closed in the past because of fly-tipping but now it was open for tourism and for people to enjoy.

Manager took the opportunity to promote the area for a visit after saying that the world of social media was wowed.

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