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Breaking news – visa run bus crash

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Breaking news – visa run bus crash | Samui Times
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A visa run bus running from Phuket to Malaysia has crashed into a motorbike, killing two and injuring many more.

Update – 12.09 – 10/12/2013

The KBV visa run bus that left Phuket for Penang collided with a motorbike in Malaysia at approximately 9.30 am yesterday morning.

Dmytro Kolot, aged 30 from the Ukraine called his Russian friend after the incident. He said he was sitting next to the driver who was not driving using excessive speed, however he did fall asleep at the wheel. It is believe that the motorcyclist was killed on impact. Mr Dmytro said that many of the passengers were injured and he himself was hurt when glass got stuck in his arm.

The Phuket Gazzette reported that a member of the KBV Visa Run company told them that the passengers and the driver were all safe and staying in a hotel while they waited for their visas to be processed. They went on to remark that nobody was in hospital and they intended to send another van to transport those on board back to Phuket. The staff member was unable to confirm that the driver fell asleep but did state that the accident was caused by fault on the side of the driver of the motorbike

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