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Breeze Spa – an experience that will put the bounce back in your step

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Breeze Spa – an experience that will put the bounce back in your step | Samui Times
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Everybody deserves a few hours out of their life to lie back to be pampered and rejuvenated. Whether you are in Koh Samui on holiday and need an extra touch of magic to get rid of the stresses and strains of your everyday life, you live and work in Koh Samui and you need a few hours out to recharge your batteries or whether you just feel like having some serious’ you time’ in stunning surroundings to recharge your batteries.

The team at the Breeze Spa at the Amari Palm Reef Resort in Chaweng know exactly how to put the spring back into your step and offer a myriad of treatments designed to make you feel like a million dollars and as good as new.

breeze spaThe Breeze Spa is the ultimate sanctuary set in a beautiful tropical garden. Here you can firmly close the doors on the hustle and bustle and retreat into an inner sanctuary where you can realign your body and your mind.
The treatments at the Breeze Spa combine herbal remedies and centuries-old traditions that have been cleverly combined with modern training. Here it is impossible not to be awakened by the expert touch of the highly training and compassionate, professional therapists, whose intentions are solely to please you. As you relax and fall into a magical world of the delicate scents of aromatic oils and subtle herbs and spices you will find your own personal nirvana in no time.

Whether you arrive at the spa alone, with friends or with your partner, the first thing that will impress you is the genuinely warm welcome you will receive. If you have yet to choose a treatment a menu will magically appear along with a cold fruit juice, refreshing iced water and a refreshing cold towel.

The Breeze Spa team believes that happiness is one of the key foundations for wellness and that is what their treatments are all about. Thankfully you won’t need a dictionary of new age jargon to understand what is on offer, all you need to know is how you would like to feel. In order to ensure that you leave feeling the way you want to feel, it is advisable to arrive at the spa about fifteen minutes prior to your appointment, this will give you ample time to explain how you feel prior to your appointment as well as how you would like to feel when you leave. A consultation form is provided so you can alert your therapist to any medical issues you may have as well as indicating the parts of your body you would like your therapist to avoid and/or concentrate on if you are having a massage. It is important that you let your therapist know if you are pregnant, have any injuries, if you have any allergies, if you have had recent medical or cosmetic surgery or if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

The Breeze Spa is one place that you certainly will not have to worry about what you are wearing. They provide sumptuous robes, disposable underwear and stimulating acupressure slippers in every treatment room.

breeze spa 3The signature massages have been designed to take the guesswork out of picking the right massage for you. The idea is here that you simply imagine how you would like to feel and pick the mood massage that is the right match.

Dreamy Take it E-zzz massage is a long and flowing massage that will send you into a state of total tranquility with calming sounds and hypnotic aromas. This is a great choice if you have come off a long flight or you have had a busy day, week, or even year.

The Serene – No Worries massage will allow you to lie back and let it all go while you indulge in soothing long strokes with a innovate palm pressure technique that stretches every muscle and rids you of aches, pains and knots and will leave you feeling as if you don’t have a care in the world.

The Rejuvenated – Let it Glow massage is a lymphatic drainage massage that uses carefully selected essential oils and techniques to rid your body of unwanted built up toxins that build up thanks to stress and pollution. After this massage you will be ready to take on the world.

The Invigorated –Past Tense massage is a deep tissue massage that has been especially created for those with chronic tension. The strong, high pressure techniques target the points where stress resides and will certainly get your endorphins flowing.

The Energized –Thai the Knot massage is a traditional Thai style massage that allows you to experience ancient wisdom. The massage starts with over 10 traditional Thai herbs to create a warm herbal compress, then it is time to be stretched and kneaded and re-awoken.

This incredible range of signature massages take either sixty or ninety minutes, the choice is yours.

If you are in a rush but still in desperate need of a pick-me up then you can elect for a forty five minute massage such as the Heads Up head massage, Backs to Basics back, neck and shoulder rub, or Toe-tal Bliss foot massage where your network of nerve endings will enjoy sublime stimulation.

If you are really pressed for time there is no need to miss out, thirty minute treatments include the Full Steam Ahead steam bath that is also an excellent pre massage treatment if you have more time as is the Feeling Bubbly warm water Jacuzzi massage that will leave you in a breezy state of mind.

Another superb pre massage treatment is a body scrub where you can lie back and indulge in some serious Breeze Spa Magic with Mangbreeze spa 1o Sticky Rice that will infuse your skin with mango butter and creamy coconut and rice. This scrub gently exfoliates the skin and nourishes it with vitamins and minerals and feels luxurious and sublime.

If you have overdone things in Samui’s hot tropical sun then ask for a cooling sun soother body wrap and if you fancy a spot of healing then the Roselle Skin Healing Body Wrap is a must to harness the power of Roselle a renowned and natural exfoliant that is combined with jojoba and safflower oils for the ultimate in rejuvenation that is guaranteed to put the bounce back in your step. And of course if you, like many others, suffer from cellulite then the Body Sculpter is a revolutionary treatment that will put you back on top of the world.

Of course like any world class spa the Breeze offers some superb facial treatments, treatments designed especially for men, some exciting spa packages and manicures and pedicures.

The Breeze Spa therapists are experts in their field. They are very discreet and carry out your treatments in a professional manner allowing you to retain your dignity at all times. They will enquire as to how you feel, how you like the pressure of your massage and during your treatments you will feel safe and secure with loving hands that caress you with wellbeing.

The facilities at the Breeze Spa are exemplary. The bath robes and towels are of a luxurious quality, the treatment beds are comfortable and relaxing, in fact everything you could possibly wish for is there, nothing has been left to chance and no small attention to details has been forgotten.

The Breeze Spa is unique in the fact that it really does put a spring back into your step, and not leave you feeling listless and spaced out. While you take anything from thirty minutes to a few hours out of your life to relax, indulge and rejuvenate it is great to know that by the end of your Breeze experience you really will feel re-born.

For more information on the Breeze Spa please click here to visit their website.

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