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Bridesmaid gets eaten by an elephant

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Bridesmaid gets eaten by an elephant | Samui Times
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Award winning cinematographer Abraham Joffe captured a funny moment when he was shooting the wedding of a couple from Melbourne in Phuket on Sunday when an Indian elephant made a surprise appearance and even more surprisingly tried to eat the bridesmaid.

The three year old elephant took an instant fancy to the woman and wrapped its mouth around her head.

Abraham said “she wasn’t injured, the elephant just licked her face and breathed down her throat. She just got this horrible elephant breath in her lungs, everybody was laughing, she was a bit shaken up and she was a little bit embarrassed but they were all pretty laid back, being Aussies. It wasn’t a prim and proper sort of day”

Thankfully the incident happened after the ceremony so there was no need for the lady to have her hair and makeup done again and by that time everybody was pretty relaxed Sydney based Joffe said.

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