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Bright Knight Customs showcase two of their latest projects

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Bright Knight Customs showcase two of their latest projects | Samui Times
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Bright Knight Customs is owned and operated by two Samui Expat’s and American and Englishman. They provide a superior, custom paint service to the residents of Koh Samui and beyond. The business platform was to bring unique, quality custom paint work to Koh Samui, of the same quality you would expect “back home” at a much lesser bright knight customs harley 1cost then you would expect to pay in the US or England. Collectively they have over 40 years of custom paint and design experience. They have also infused some new paint technologies such as Hydro Dipping, Mirror like finish Chrome and Candy Chrome paint, Krysatl effect paint, Glow in the dark paint, Color Change paint and special imported pigments with the classic styles of pinstriping, airbrushing, marbling etc. The basic idea was bring something new to Koh Samui in the way of custom paint, provide quality work for your customers, with outstanding customer service at an affordable rate. This also means you do not have to send your project to Bangkok or other places, and lose your bike for months at a time. They will even make a custom sample for you to inspect at the shop to ensure you are happy with the design and shade and pigment before the project is started, tray getting that service if you send your bike off of Samui! Here are some examples.

The First custom bike is a Harley Davidson done in “Old School” Silver and black marbled base coat. This process bright knight customs harley 3was done by applying a black base coat (after bodywork and primer coats have been laid down on the bike). We then mist coated a silver metallic base coat and removed some of it using sponges and other materials to achieve the marbling effect.

Then black Hot Rod flames were added and outlined in silver metallic pin striping and touched up with airbrush 3D shadowing of the flames.

Bright Knight Customs also did a matching helmet for this job (Helmets available for sale)

The team then finished the top coats off with a 4 coats of Japanese import, premium clear coat that is gasoline resistant, Scratch and UV ray resistant and SELF LEVELING AND SELF FIXING (for small scratches) SMART COATING.

Great product to protect this beauty for years to come in the Samui sun!

The second project is a Kawasaki Vulcan that has been painted in Blue/Purple Chameleon

skulls 1(A special pigmented paint that changed colors in the sunlight depending on which angle you view the bike from) This particular paint, as it drives down the road, will give the appearance of several different colors. To really appreciate this style of paint best to see it in person!

(Many different shades and pigment colors of this paint available at Bright Knight Customs)

Some nice artwork in the way of silver skulls pattern were added on this bike. Metallic silver skull pattern, done by the Hydro Dipping process (otherwise known as Water Transfer Printing) and outlined with a silver pin stripe around the artwork. The front and rear fender, gasoline tank and side panel covers were the focus on this custom bike. Then, as always, the job was finished off with 4 or more layers of top quality, imported, UV resistant clear coat, wet sanded and polished to a brilliant shine.

A little about Hydro dipping. This is a process that few shops in Thailand use, Bright Knight Customs being the only shop in Koh Samui using this process. The piece is first prepared/repaired, primered, base coat is applied and then it skulls 2is dipped. The patterns are premade, such as skulls, flames, camouflage, carbon fiber and many more. The film is laid out in a specially designed water tank, a mixture of chemicals is applied to the thin plastic film that dissolves the PVC coating and the ink pattern literally floats on the surface of the water. A skilled technician then carefully submerges the piece into the pattern and the pattern is then transferred onto you 3 dimensional piece, in this case big bike parts. Finally the piece is finished off like any other paint with top coats and polished. This process leaves you with beautifully decorated piece, with great detail. In many cases this process has better detail then airbrushing. This artwork is paint, Not a sticker, there are no stickers on any of these projects, this means your custom paint job will last a long time, it will not chip, peal or flake off like the cheaper viynl / sticker wrap jobs do.

PM for your personalized quote on your big bikes in the South of Thailand.

They also offer a pre made Custom painted “small bike” kits today and change the look of your motorbike in ONE DAY! Simply order from them, wait until it is finished, drop your bike off and they will change out the parts with OEM, original factory parts that have been custom painted to your specifications!

Many styles of paint available , and popular models of Honda small bikes available.

Contact information for Bright Knight Customs

Mobile- 0843046092
Email –
Facebook Page- Bright Knight Customs

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