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Bright Knight Customs – your custom design solution in Koh Samui

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Bright Knight Customs – your custom design solution in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Bright Knight Customs is a new custom paint and design shop with the expertise you need to customize your small Motorbikes, Big Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Helmets and Wheels. They offer a unique and quality service in Koh Samui with thousands of customization options that come at with affordable prices.

BK3Bright Knight Customs have designs for everybody including affordable pattern Hydro dips, if that means nothing to you here is a little insight hydrographic printing. HYDRO Dipping is a fairly new process used in European countries, that uses pre determined patterns such as Skulls, Flames, Wood grain, Carbon Fiber even Hello Kitty! There are over 20 patterns in the shop with options of different base coat colors such as red, green and blue. (silver skulls etc and can special order hundreds of different styles).

The patterns are floated on a vat of chemicals and water and your piece is prepared and base coated to the color of choice and then dipped into the pattern after special chemicals have been applied leaving the ink pattern on your piece. Your piece is then later sprayed and protected by several coats of a Quality Clear Coat Lacquer which will protect your design. It will not Peal, Fade or Crack like a sticker or a wrap would. This can be done to most motorbike pieces, car bumpers, wheels (for example Carbon fiber is a popular choice for wheels) Interior Auto parts (real wood grain or carbon fiber is popular for these) Some musical instruments, phone cases, Xbox controllers almost anything that is non porous and can be painted!

BK2Hydro Dipping is a new service to Koh Samui and to our knowledge very few shops offer this service anywhere in Thailand. It is an affordable alternative to customization to Airbrushing in some applications where a large amount of detail and pattern is desired.

Bright Knight Customs offer Custom Pearl, Heavy Holographic color changing Flake, Metallic, Candy Colors, Pin striping, Two tone fade effects and even Chameleon (Flip Flop)color changing paint.

Custom airbrush designs, super thin custom decals that can be made to your specification and protected by a top coat of clear (not stickers and look/feel like it came from the factory but in your choice of image, colors etc.) Again, another service that was either not previously offered in Koh Samui and if it ever was it was very Hard to find. In the past you had to send your bike, helmet etc to Bangkok or somewhere else, lose it for a few weeks to a few months and had little to no input on the design. At Bright Knight Customs you can chose your custom color, they can make a sample piece for you to look at and approve before they even proceed or your project.

BK1Bright Knight Customs want to provide customers in Koh Samui and beyond a quality, unique and fairly priced service that is both local, convenient and has the attention to detail you would expect from a quality custom paint shop. There are nearly 60 different sample pieces on the wall at their shop that can give you a small idea of what they do and for bigger jobs they are happy to make a sample for your custom color to your specifications.

Bright Knight Customs use quality painting materials and unique pigments and metal flakes imported from places like Japan, Germany, Italy , UK and USA. All finished up several coats of 2k

BK5The company are now building a state of the art, professional quality, Sterile Spray Booth. It will be large enough for a Toyota Hilux pickup truck, equipped with drying heaters, exhaust and suction fans to eliminate imperfections in the top coats that can happen from dust, bugs and the humidity in Thailand.

Coming soon – a new Hydro chrome spraying system that will allow them to spray most any part made from metal, plastic, fiberglass etc with a mirror like finish that looks just like chrome! They can then leave if chrome or customize it to gold, blue, red or other colors of your choice, add designs, make two tone or three tone chrome finish for your motorcycle tank, mud guards, helmets or even an entire auto or truck if you like!

BK 6So who are Bright Knight Customs? Well Dan and Bill are the owners at Bright Knight Customs Dan has been a resident of Koh Samui for a few years now and learned how to apply Hydro Dipping in the United States as well as other painting and design techniques. After reconditioning and owning The Samui Rock Café in Chaweng Beach for over a year and other bars and Restaurants, he decided to get out of that industry and do something unique to Koh Samui. He has always liked big bikes and Old American muscle cars and has owner and reconditioned many of them when he lived in San Diego, Cailifornia, USA.

Bill has been in the painting industry for over 36 years and has lived in Thailand for 11 years and Asia for 27 years. He has a vast amount of experience in many different painting applications. He has worked as a paint supervisor on jobs like the Skeik Zayed Brige in Abu Dhabi and the Oakland Bay Bridge in California to name a few. He is a master at his trade and enjoys brining something different to the residents of Koh Samui. He also owns Tequellia Dragon Bar BK 7in Soi Reggae, Chaweng that has been 10 years now, the longest bar operating on that Soi. Together they ensure a professional experience and quality attention to detail on every project small or large from the design, color choice all the way to the finishing of your product using quality materials and equipment. Both Bill, Dan and their staff are committed to ensuring a high level of attention and detail go into the customization of your prized possessions!

Bright Knight Customs will have a booth at Samui Bike Week 22-23 of May hosted in Lamai Beach this year. They will be offering a FREE PRIZE DRAW to anyone that fills out a form and puts their ticket in the box! The prize will be a free Hydro dips or custom paint job to your favorite helmet. You get to pick the colors and designs at their shop. Drawing and winner to be announced after Bike Week on their company’s Facebook page Bright Knight Customs. Winner will also be notified through the contact information provided of the ticket. They will also have several completed bikes on display and many sample pieces that you can look at to get an idea of the products they have.


Phone 096 852 4341 Daniel


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Located near the Mummified Monk Temple between Lamai and Nathon.




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